UGC NET EXAM: Third Paper Dec 2009

Here is the third paper questions asked in UGC NET exam(Library and Information Science) december 2009. These questions are not in order and truly based on memory.These questions can give you an idea of type of questions asked and subjects included in the paper. I hope it wil help all the librarians who want 2 go for Net exam.

1. What is the term ‘consortia’? Explain it.
2. Define are Trend Reports?What are the steps involveded in its compilation?
3. What is Intute?
4. What are the’Seven Lamps’ of professional Ethics?
5. Explain the ‘Translation Tools’.
6. What is the siginficance of ‘ WorldCat’?
7. What are the recommendations of Nation Knowledge Commission on LIS Education?
8. What is Indexing? Explain PRECIS.
9. What is Hypothesis? What is its use in LIS?
10.What are the information gatekeepers,intermediaries, Technological gatekeepers and sociological stars?
11. What is webometrics in LIS?
12.Explain uses of UGC Infonet.
13.What are the salient features of a Digital Library?
14.What are various Metadata sets?
15.What is the difference between HyperText and Hypermedia?
16.What are the trend meets bought out in 1996 to Indian Copy Right Act?
17.What is the difference between cost benefit analysis and cost analysis?
18.what are the measures to get the relevance of information from web?

Essay Type Questions were-

1.With the emergence of ICT in library and information centres, what professional skills should be there in contemporary Libraries. Explain.
2.It had been said that Marketing practice is for profit making organizations. How an it be useful in libraries and Information Centres of todays world?
3.With the vast consortia,the material is vast. How can it be useful to get the relevent information from the web?

Except these questions,there were five questions based on a passage that was related to plus and minus points of Internet and Information Communication Technology.It was based on problems of using Internet in developing countries,including cost and other barriers….


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